Eldridge, MO 65463

1 Bed/1 Baths
805 SqFt
40.0000 Acre
MLS #18051666
Margaret Francis
Lebanon, MO 65536

MLS #14004632
Lebanon, MO 65536

5 Bed/4 Baths
5520 SqFt
0.7400 Acre
MLS #18065718
3116Dry Creek Rd
Seymour, MO 65746

5 Bed/3 Baths
4600 SqFt
10.0000 Acre
MLS #18054161
Southbend Road
Richland, MO 65556

MLS #18045788
Lebanon, MO 65536

6 Bed/3 Baths
6200 SqFt
40.6200 Acre
MLS #17048213
Lebanon, MO 65536

4 Bed/3 Baths
1950 SqFt
0.5000 Acre
MLS #18083539
29727Pelican Dr.
Lebanon, MO 65536

MLS #18069212
10028Highway E
Eldridge, MO 65463

MLS #18059843
Lebanon, MO 65536

3 Bed/2 Baths
1780 SqFt
0.3210 Acre
MLS #18076047
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Lebanon, Missouri is located in the scenic Ozarks of south-central Missouri. It is home for over 12,000 residents. The people of the city of Lebanon have shared the natural beauty of this area with sightseers and tourists through the years and have managed to maintain close ties with the land and with one another.

The topography of this region of Missouri is diverse. It includes farmlands and pastures spreading through gentle valleys and over wooded terrain. It also includes rugged forested hills and some of the most beautiful streams found anywhere in Missouri.

It is reported that Jesse Ballew, in 1820, was the first white settler within the bounds of what was later to become Laclede County. Between the years of 1835 and 1840 the area was surveyed to be approved as Laclede County in 1849. A county seat then had to be found. Two tracts of land were donated at the present location where Lebanon is situated. Thus, in 1849, Lebanon was created as the county seat of Laclede County.