Board of Directors

Purpose: to conduct affairs, establish policies and approve the annual budget of the Association.

Officers/Executive Committee

Purpose: To oversee the affairs of the Association in accordance with the policies outlined by the Board of Directors and serve as a sounding board on emerging issues, problems, and initiatives.
Reports to: Board of Directors

Leadership Team

Purpose: To work closely with the Officers/Executive Committee to conduct the business of the Association and to further cultivate the development of future leaders. The Leadership Team is composed of the: President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect, the Immediate Past President and committee chairs.

Bylaws and Policies


Strategic Planning Committee

Purpose: To develop and recommend the overall strategic direction for the Association on a 3 year plan, work with the Officers/Executive Committee to monitor progress, review results as a basis for setting new strategy, and recommend actions to the Board of Directors consistent with the Strategic Plan.
Reports to: The President and the Board of Directors

Finance & Budget Committee

Purpose: To ensure the stability of the State Association’s current and future financial posture. Consists of the Treasurer as chair and the other officers.
Reports to: Board of Directors

Bylaws & Policy Committee

Purpose: To assure compliance with National Association of REALTORS® guidelines for Local Bylaws and Policies, the Bylaws and Policy Committee shall have the duty and responsibility to review the Bylaws and Policies of the Association, to study any and all proposed amendments to the Bylaws and Policies, and to recommend appropriate amendments to the Officers/Executive Committee.

Advocacy Committee

Purpose: Responsible for furthering the Association’s mission of uniting its members to advocate for real property rights in Missouri. Keep a watchful eye on local and state politics to be ready for fundraising or a grassroots effort to educate the public on the issues.
Reports to: Officers/Executive Committee.

RPAC Committee

Purpose: Works with the Advocacy Committee. Responsible for furthering the Association’s mission of uniting its members to advocate for real property rights in Missouri. Fundraising for RPAC.
Reports to: Officers/Executive Committee.

Community Outreach and Good Will Committee

Purpose: To further the Association’s mission of connecting members and the community through various media and events. Including fundraising for worthy causes within our community.
Sub-Committee- Member Engagement Committee
Special projects as proposed by the Community Outreach and Good Will Committee
Reports to: Officers/Executive Committee

Professional Standards

Purpose: Listen to ethics and arbitration matters that are brought to them by Consumers and other agents. Assist both consumers and agents in preparing documents to file on the State level. They are to remain neutral in all matters and disclose they are not working for the complainant.

Purpose: Orientation, Continuing Education, Member Benefits, REALTOR News, Safety.
Chair attends Maris meetings. Purpose: Communicates with members to see what issues are arising that may need to be addressed.
Maris Compliance Council- Shelly Hendrix 
Maris Director- MerryAnne Rutledge


Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC) education requirements:

The MREC requires that all licensees in the state of Missouri complete 12 hours of continuing education every two years. Brokers must have their 12 hours of education completed by June 30th of even years and salespersons must have their 12 hours of education completed by September 30th of even years.

If a licensee fails to complete his or her education by the renewal date, it will cause a loss of license and the licensing process must begin again. MREC requirements are 12 continuing education hours. Three hours must be in the form of a core class and the remaining 9 hours can be in elective classes. Course providers must be MREC approved and must supply the student with a proper certificate of completion for each course. Students who complete education using an online service are not limited in daily credit hours. Students who complete education in a classroom can only receive credit for 6 hours in a 24 hour period.

Continuing Education Online:

Link to REALTOR® University to complete coursework for your designation or other certifications listed below under the National Association of REALTORS®. You may also participate in webinars through REALTOR® University. You may also take your code of ethics online.

REALTOR® University

Click here to take Code of Ethics online

There are many online education websites for Real Estate agent’s pre-license and continuing education courses approved by MREC. Choose the one you like best. Here are 3 websites some of our members use.

Colibri Real Estate

The CE Shop

Institute for Continuing Education

The Lebanon Board of REALTORS Education Chair plans a continuing education classroom course that you can attend with your business associates for both core and elective classes early in the license renewal year.


What is RPAC?

The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is a powerful tool that utilizes the voluntary contributions of individual REALTORS® to elect candidates who support the REALTOR® Party and the Real Estate industry through common sense legislation and regulation. Of the nearly 4,000 political action committees in the United States, RPAC is the only one dedicated solely to promoting homeownership and protecting REALTOR® interests.

Who invests in RPAC?

REALTOR® members and their immediate families and Affiliate members who believe in:

  • Protecting their ability to freely practice real estate
  • Protecting property owners and property rights
  • Protecting the idea that Homeownership Matters

Why should I invest in RPAC?

Because RPAC saves you money by:

  • Working for Common Sense Inspection and Sign Ordinances
  • Banning Transfer Taxes (Amendment 3) and Private Transfer Fees
  • Protecting the Mortgage Interest Deduction
  • Protecting Access to Affordable Mortgages
  • Keeping banks out of Real Estate
  • Protecting the National Flood Insurance Program

Each one of these efforts serves to help more clients get into a home of their own, which in turn boosts your bottom line.

Who does RPAC Support?

RPAC supports candidates who support the REALTOR® Party whether they are Republican, Democrat, or Independent.

RPAC is a powerful tool that sends a clear message to elected officials. It allows individual REALTORS® to stand together and say we support candidates who believe that Homeownership and Property Rights Matter! Send your message TODAY with a check for any amount. Please make checks payable to LBOR and note RPAC in the memo line.


There are many members and committee chairs who monitor local legislation and regulatory policy for the impact it may have on private property rights and the ability to freely buy, sell, and lease property. We have used grass root efforts in the past successfully and will continue to use them in the future to protect the American Dream of homeownership.

To get Text Alerts for calls to action on Real Estate Related issues please text  REALTORS to 30644.


The Lebanon Board of REALTORS® opted to belong to the Missouri Association of REALTORS® State-wide process for handling complaints. You may contact our local Professional Standards chair to assist you or follow the link for more information on Ethics, Arbitration, and the Missouri Real Estate Commission.